Islam A Path of Harmony and Purpose

Islam, a complete way of life, is the divine guidance provided by Allah, the Creator of the Universe, for all of humanity. It encompasses every aspect of our existence, guiding us in our purpose, destiny, and interactions with the world. Islam is a holistic way of life, guiding individuals in various aspects, provided by Allah, the Creator of the Universe.

1. Comprehensive Guidance:

Islam covers all aspects of human life, including private, social, political, economic, moral, and spiritual affairs.

2. Meaning of Islam:

The term “Islam” means submission and obedience in Arabic, emphasizing acceptance of Allah’s commands.

3. Importance of Allah’s Proper Name:

Muslims are encouraged to use the term “Allah” instead of “God” when referring to the Divine.

4. Peace through Submission and Obedience:

Islam translates to peace, achieved through submission and obedience to Allah’s commands.

5. Muslim Identity:

A person who accepts and acts upon the Islamic way of life is known as a Muslim.

6. Harmony in Nature: 

Everything in nature obeys the Law of Allah, demonstrating superb harmony and order.

7. Human Distinction:

Humans have the knowledge and will to choose between right and wrong, guided by messengers and books.

8. Day of Judgement:

A day of reward and punishment awaits based on the choices made in life.

9. Human Nature and Morality:

Human nature favors good conduct and dislikes bad behavior, aligning with the concepts of Ma’ruf (Right) and Munkar (Wrong) in the Qur’an.

10. Love for Peace:

Human nature inclines towards love for peace, and disorder results from disobedience to Allah’s Law.

11. The Religion of Nature – Denul-Fitrah:

Islam is called the Religion of Nature, aligning with the inherent nature of humanity.

12. Jihad for Truth:

Jihad, a united effort to establish the truth and eliminate evil, aims to earn the pleasure of Allah.

13. Purpose of Human Creation:

The Almighty created humans to worship Him, emphasizing total obedience to Allah’s commands.

14. “Ibadah” as Total Obedience:

Ibadah, meaning worship, encompasses every action done for Allah’s sake, leading to success and happiness in life after death.

15. Misconception: ‘Mohammedanism’:

Islam is not named after Prophet Muhammad; it is Allah’s guidance revealed through all prophets, with Muhammad being the last in the prophetic chain.

16. Qur’anic Assertion:

The Qur’an states that the acceptable way of life to Allah is Islam, and the message of all prophets is the same—obey Allah.

17. Completion of Religion:

The Qur’an declares the completion of the religion at the time of Muhammad, choosing Islam as the way of life.

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